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Use the DP Scanner to scan barcodes with the DP II Computer Caliper or Digitech® Professional caliper. Together with an adapted software application, the DP Scanner becomes fully integrated with your caliper.

The MD II caliper is a rugged and field-ready Bluetooth® caliper designed for efficient diameter collecting work.

The market-leading and technically advanced DP II caliper - program, customize and & accessorize it to fit your exact diameter measuring requirements!

Mantax Black calipers offer patented foldable jaws and ergonomic design. Built tough and made to last!

Mantax Blue is a classic diameter caliper available in many graduation options and lengths.

Measure diameters from a distance with the unique Gator Eyes Laser Pointers.

DP II Computer Caliper

Use the Digitech Keyboard for easier input of many different variables in your computer caliper.

Enter results to your DP II computer with the Radio Enter button installed on the SmartScale.

Use the Digitech® Tape for improved results accuracy in log scaling.

DP DME add-on for the DP Calipers to measure distance in a sample plot with our reliable ultrasound technique.

Use the DP GPS module to navigate and position in the field and directly with your DP computer caliper.

Add-on combination module for navigation and distance measuring with ultrasound on your DP computer caliper. 

With the DP Postex® installed, your DP caliper can be used to position individual trees and other objects.

The belt adjusted caliper holder can be used with different Haglöf Sweden caliper models.

Marktax is a practical marking system with greater environmental concern

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