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Measure diameters from a distance with the unique Gator Eyes Laser Pointers.


Gator Eyes Laser Pointers

Use the Gator Eyes to measure diameters at a distance where access is limited by water streams or debris, in areas with poison ivy or or if you are on a distance from the tree and need quick results. Gator Eyes are factory assembled on the foldable jaws for Mantax Black, DP II Computer Caliper and Digitech Professional calipers.


Pull out the jaws and aim along the stem

G1550x840 G2550x840

 Aim the two perfectly aligned Gator Eyes laser beams as if you were actually at the stem
– just pull the caliper jaws apart until the high-visibility laser pointers are positioned where you need them to be on the stem.


There are obstacles to reach the tree, for example water streams or wind-throws...

Gator Eyes reaches well over 40m or 130ft. Green laser can be seen in daylight, but is best visualized in dusk light and surroundings.


Upper stem diameter and branches...

When you want to know the upper stem diameter of trees without having to climb, carry long sticks or heavy stairs with you in the field, simply activate the Gator Eyes. For wildlife management, Gator Eyes can be used to measure width of bird nests or antlers on deers. If Gator Eyes are used on a computer caliper, measuring can be made at specific heights using a clinometer function and special software applications, and results can be stored and processed instantly and at the press of a button. Fishery, Agriculture and Wildlife Applications


Green Gator Eyes Laser pointers reach up to 40m/130ft.


pdf DP Accessories Product sheet (1.47 MB)


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