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Calculate asymmetric areas with the XScape ultrasound method.



XScape - Area Calculator

Use the XScape system and the well proven Haglöf Sweden ultrasound measuring method to calculate the total area of asymmetric plots. Data that you obtain with the XScape can be used for detailed fertilization, seed and soil planning and more. Excellent for recreation areas and golf courses!

The XScape instrument system is great to measure distances.


Easy to use and proven reliable ultrasound method

  1. Place the custom monopod with the transponder T3 mounted in the centre of the area to measure.
  2. Walk around the surface and measure the distance from different positions to the transponder.
  3. The total area is calculated by the XScape and presented in ft2 or m2 in the instrument graphic display. Measure from up to 64 different points on each area.
  4. Remember that this ultrasound method and technique applied in Haglöf Sweden ultrasound instruments (Vertex IV, DME, VL5, XScape) is well proven worldwide and can be used to measure distances also when underbrush covers the target partially or competely

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