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Use Haglöf Swedens TrailBlazer® together with your standard compass - and find boundaries in the forest much easier!

Haglöf Sweden is the world's largest producer of increment borers. Our increment borers come in a great variety of models, lengths, core diameters and sizes.

The Tree Core Reader is used for close and direct optical analysis of your wood core samples.

Use the Haglöf Borer Starter to extract quality wood cores with greater ease!

The Borer Holster is a great help to keep your borer ready for use - but not in the way.

Keep your increment borer sharp and clean with the Haglöf sharpening kit.

Use the Haglöf Sweden Coretax Increment Hammer to check last years' tree growth.

Soiltax is a soil sampler in walking stick model with a robust and durable construction.

With the classic Barktax instrument you will instantly have a reliable measure of the bark thickness.

The Tallytax Electronic Counter contains six different positions and holds thousands of input numbers.

The Haglöf Sweden Factor gauge is used to perform quick basal area estimates.

The Brush Axe is perfect for cutting and pruning branches and small trees.

 The Haglöf Sweden Cruising Belt offers great carrying relief for foresters and surveyors.

Use this multi-pocketed Cruising Vest to keep things in place!

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