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HMS is a management system solution designed for versatile use - and made to grow. One program gives access to different functions and suites. The suites contain modules for calculation and data management. HMS allow for data exchange between different installed suites and modules.

WinDP is a Windows communication program designed to communicate with the computer caliper Digitech Professional. The program also offers you the required USB-drivers for use on your Windows computer.

Make your own data collection software for DP II and Digitech Professional

  • Develop custom programs in Versio Builder on your PC
  • Run programs in Versio DP on your DP II or Digitech Professional
  • Create as many different programs as you need
  • Create Versio programs for others using Versio DP

Accurate and efficient log management system

The Log Scale Suite for HMS Haglof Management System is a versatile and comprehensive log scaling and log inventory management system.

Use the Log Scale suite to create and manage contracts, price lists, tickets and loads. Scale logs and manage log inventories. Calculate volumes using a wide range of volume equations and tables including Doyle, Scribner, International, the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) and Custom volume tables commonly used in the export industry.

The Haglof Management System (HMS) with the Timber Cruise Suite (TCruise) is the most robust, comprehensive forest analysis system available. Use it to collect inventory data to your own exact specifications. Calculate volumes with powerful profile equations or a wide range of traditional volume equations or tables. Perform detailed statistical and financial analyses. Produce professional looking reports customized with your company logo and contact information. Manage all of your spatial data in a convenient desktop geographic information system. Store and manage all of your forest information in one powerful SQL database.

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