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Slow growing crops and high personnel costs are some reasons to why Sweden holds a leading position in efficient management and technical usage level in the forestry industry. The overall education level is equally high in Swedish forestry industry, with for example a minimum of three years studies and work practice to work with harvesters and forwarders.

Training is a big part of products that we offer at Haglöf Sweden. We are more than happy to “spread the word” on how increased efficiency can help, not only to save work, money, and the environment, but also quickly increase profits for individual forest owners, harvester entrepreneurs, sawmills and log yards, all the way up to the large industry.

Haglöf Sweden international distributors are encouraged to participate in our practical and theoretical training classes. Training is a great way to get market advantages! We offer training for distributors, foresters, decision makers, consultants, land surveyors and other professionals, on field measuring methods and techniques. Our classes are always adapted and tailor-made for each individual group, and their specific field of interest. 

The training usually takes place in our modern, fully equipped facilities, all from half day classes to multiple days sessions, including accommodation and field trips. Training can be performed at customer location, in schools or in the forest - or mastered as tutorials and webinars. Any way it is executed; the way we see it: Shared knowledge is double knowledge! 

Contact us and let us describe in what way we can increase your efficiency and get the most out of your investments.

Comments from some training participants, translated from Swedish:

Elin Olofsson, Köpcoach, (Purchasing) SCA Skogs Marknadsavdelning


Per-Ragnar Frank, Virkesköpare, (Timber Buyer) SCA Skog AB

”… two days of training in theoretical and practical taxation methods is a basic class that all our timber buyers go through on their first year. We have managed this training together with Haglöf in Långsele for a number of years. As class leader, the reception and knowledge level with the colleagues at Haglöf are key factors for our timber buyers to feel safe and to achieve effiency and work joy. They are guided through the different elements of taxation, from theory to practical handling of the equipment, and outdoor practice, with experience and knowledge. Our cooperation is greatly appreciated by me and my colleagues at SCA, and much thanks to the informal atmosphere that is so significant for the 'Fire Station'!” Elin Olofsson, Köpcoach, SCA Skogs Marknadsavdelning


”I have positive impressions from my visits at Haglöf: comfortable and fresh facilities that work both for the training and to stay over. The commitment and level of knowledge have been great; and also the will to adjust the products to fit my personal needs and requests. In my every-day life as a timber buyer, I use the computer caliper, a digital height measurer and handheld computer from Haglöf. In my experience, the products are dependable and durable also in the exposed environment that I use them in. I appreciate the fast and competent support I get with Haglöf, concerning everything from updating of handhelds to pure instructions on product handling.”  Per-Ragnar Frank, Virkesköpare, SCA Skog AB

Juan Manuel Rojo, Company Interfase3, Buenos Aires, Argentina


"As part of a business dedicated to supply Professional and Scientific Equipment for Agriculture, Forestry and Investigation, I distribute HAGLÖF’s products in Argentina to our local forestry market since 2011. Products are being used both by privates (independent professionals, service companies, production and wood/pulp processing companies) and public institutions (research and inventories).Dedication involved in the training course, outstanding Brandsta´s facilites and the plus of meeting really nice people in Långsele made the training an incredible and difficult to forget experience!!!

I can say that HAGLÖF´s training met all my expectations, not only technical goals were fulfilled gaining confidence with the equipment but also, meeting each other made me find out a Business Partner and that makes a huge difference.”


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Some Haglöf Sweden Customers